Friday, February 16, 2007

I just finished reading "Divine Nobodies" by JIm Palmer. I am wary of any book that has an endorsement by McLaren comparing the author to Donald Miller. The premise of the book is that the author has encountered God more through the lives of nameless people instead of the movers and shakers of the Christian world.

One such person is a former child sex slave. Jim talks about what a 'relationship' with God is like. Relationship is two way street that requires us to listen to God. To hear what grieves His heart and to listen to the things that frustrate Him. I guess I have not wanted to make God into a human. God himself declares that he is not a man (Numbers 23). I don't want to admit that God communicates in an emotional way like my friends do to me. Does it makes God any less of a person that he wants (not needs) to tug at my ear to share his heart with me.

I am reminded how much of my so called "relationship" with God revolves around me and my little world. But there are things that grieve God, tear Him apart, and just plain piss Him off. I need to know those things about God just as much as anything else. If not, do I really know Him?


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