Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Well, last week was the busiest week of my year. 60+ hours, 10-15 videos, 600 middle schoolers, and a serious lack of sleep. I always go into the week doubting the effectiveness of the week. I ask myself, "Is it worth all the work?" Usually I come to the conclusion that, yes it is worth all the work. I get to see middle school students praising God. I get to see the high schoolers that I worked with minister to the middle schoolers. I was encouraged seeing former students who have grown and are now leading young kids to Christ. You don't always see the fruit while working with middle schoolers, but my former students put fuel in my tank to keep going. This week I was reminded that I love what I do. I am blessed to watch God work the way He does. Even though last week was such a drainer I am feeling refreshed and optimistic about the rest of the summer.

Oh, by the way. My wife, a friend and I went to a Chinese-Mexican place on Sunday evening. As gross as that sounds I was actually impressed. I got chicken broccoli and shared some fajitas with my friend. So, maybe Chex-mex isn't such a bad idea.

Sunday, June 20, 2004

Well, yesterday we went down to visit my wife's grandpa and parents. In his town there was a BBQ contest and they needed judges. Being the servant that I am I volunteered to taste ribs and brisket. Man, oh, man! I must say that I loved it! The ribs were great and for the most part the brisket was good too! If I had more time (and money) in my life I would become a BBQ judge on the side.

By Kevin

Friday, June 18, 2004

As I write this I am waiting for 6 cd-r's to copy the entirety of my work this week. For those of you who don't know Stampede (our middle school outreach) is this coming week. As a result I have been editing video upon video for our program. This year a lot of the creativity for the up front action has offered me a chance to spread my wings. I ahve put in a good 60 hours this week. Am I tired? Yes1 Am I cranky. Surpirisingly no. I am good spirits. I have enjoyed my many hours putting the randoms shots in my head onto the screen. My hope and goal is that my videos wouldn't be a distraction to the gospel. I count it an extreme blessing to be able to do what I do. I sometimes lose sight of how fortunate that God allows me to serve Him in the capacity that I do. I know that I would love Him even if I couldn't be a youth pastor. But I am sure glad He allows me to be one.

I have also enjoyed working with our new high school pastor. I love to interact with people and bounce ideas off with them. Our new high school pastor loves to bounce ideas with me. That has really ministered to me.

Thanks to everyone for your prayers and support for Stampede and for our minstries.

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

By Kevin
Medal of Honor: Rising Sun
I conquered the Japanese Empire somewhere around 12:48 Monday morning. It took me about 5 days to beat the game. I enjoyed this sequel. I actually liked it better than the first (which has you fighting the Germans). One of my favorite campaigns was on the island of Burma. During the mission you get to man a 50 caliber machine gun off the back of a stampeding elephant. Over all the game was pretty easy to beat, but enjoyable nonetheless.

Friday, June 11, 2004

Farewell to a beloved President. I've read a few biographies of Reagan and I must say that I am impressed with the person he was. I guess few of us really recognize what a rare occasion it is to bury a president. Maybe we should stop and realize that this country is a great country to live in. Not a perfect country or even God's chosen country, but a great country.

By Kevin

Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Some thoughts
I read this article from Relevant Magazine and it spurred some questions. It's an interview with Dallas Willard, a former professor of philosophy at USC. One quote especially intrigued me. "The problem with modern church is that we’re busy throwing answers at people who have never thought to ask the question. Our lives look just like theirs so there’s never a reason for them to wonder about why we’re different."

I write this as I am making videos for a large media centered youth rally. I wonder, do people see something in me? When was the last time someone said, "Kevin, I've noticed something different in you. What is it?" It is a convicting thought.

Thursday, June 03, 2004

I have been reading "The Search to Belong" By Joseph Myers. The book speaks of belonging and community in and outside the church. One of the ideas he has is that we Christians want to shove people into small groups because we think that small groups (or adult fellowships for that matter) are the answer to all of the angst and loneliness we experience. Forced community may not necessarily be the silver bullet for our need to belong.

I feel this very closely. For four years in college I was involved in probably the most committed small ever. None of the meetings (sometimes once every three days) were missed. Yet, as some of us can confess, that small group didn't experience what I would describe as true "community". Time + commitment does not a community make.

Yet, in the couples group my wife and I are in I look at some of the couples who can't (or don't) come to every event. Part of me just wishes they would "be committed". I think I have been having the wrong attitude. I have been trying to force others to experience something they don't want to experience. Not everyone wants intimacy with others. Some just want to feel a part of the crowd, much like fans at a football game.

I guess the point is that maybe we in the church need to blur the lines between the "out" and "in" mentality. We quickly say that because a person doesn't come regularly they must not really be a part of the group. Let's stop making distinctions and let people belong in their own way.