Sunday, February 19, 2006

Fallen Comrade
This morning Dave Phillips passed away in a car crash. He was the high school pastor at Christ Chapel Bible Church. I didn't know him well, but knew of his love for Christ and for his students. I am sure this is a total shock to his family, students and his church family, so I won't try and come up with some pithy statements about how he will be missed or that he is in God's hands. This dude was extremely smart and has a very successful ministry, one that I will never be able to hold a candle to. To be honest, I have had feelings of jealousy toward him and his ministry because God was blessing it so much. Once again proving my own need for grace. I know that his ministry is extremely popular, but he still had a vision to draw teens into a deep love for the Savior. Not many student ministries can mix popular with deep.

I pray for the members of the CCBC body. I ask God to comfort them in their grief.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Sorry to all of you mustache people, but this is hilarious.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Minor League Hockey

Last night we celebrated a friends' b-day with a trip to the Fort Worth, Brahamas game. There must have been close to 6 hundred people there which made the crowd extra slim. The cool thing was that we were able to get seats next to the glass, so we were up close to the action. The funny thing about minor league sports is that they make their money on advertising so every power play is sponsored and every penalty minute is sponsored.

Usually it goes something like this, "There is 3:42 seconds left in the period with the Brahma's down two goals. If the goalie saves three shots on goal in the next 3 minutes and seventeen seconds, then every fan in attendence will win a free side of queso from Taco Hut. That is the Taco Hut Queso Goalie Pro-formance of the game."

I admit that I admire a guy who can spend his time playing a sport he loves for little money and in front of small crowds. These guys aren't the best athletes out there but they have heart and that makes them fun to there was a cool fight that lasted a long time.

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Loving Deuteronomy
I just finished reading Deuteronomy. I hadn't read the book since I too the Old Testament Class in seminary. I fell in love with this book for the first time. Some people read the book of laws and their eyes glaze over. Somehow, God showed something new to me. The book itself is Moses' last sermon. He is about to die and the Israelites are about to enter into the promised land with a new leader. Moses encourages his people to reaffirm their covenant with God by following His ways.

What I didn't notice before was the care and compassion represented in the laws. Laws about cancelling debt and feeding widows. Laws about breaking down idol worship. Laws about building cities of refuge for people who committed accidental murder. Laws about celebrating a feast in front of the presence of the Lord as a form of worship. The word "love" itself is prominent. Loving the Lord with all your soul and might is mentioned several times. Even at the end God says through Moses, "See I have set before you, blessings and curses. So choose life." Finally, God teaches Moses a song to teach the Israelites. In the song, Moses tells them that they will indeed go into the land, but they will soon forget God and what He has done. I imagine Moses being somewhat discouraged knowing that right after his death, they would turn away from the Lord. In the song, God calls his people to return to Him. It is very moving.

I actually started to cry during the closing chapters of the book because I saw the copmpassion, tenderness, and deep love the Father was feeling toward His people. I suggest you read it with these things in mind.