Tuesday, August 31, 2004

The Hero
So Sunday after a long day of Wakeboarding a friend and I went to see the Chinese epic, "The Hero" starring Jet Li. I am a huge fan of "Crouching Tiger" and the likes so I had my hopes high. This movie was awesome. It was visually stunning, artfully choreographed and well acted. What I love about the Chinese cinema is the subtle jokes smack dab in the middle of intense drama. I love how color is used so well. Of course, I love the action. This movie did not disappoint me at all.

Thursday, August 26, 2004

Missionary Dating
I can't tell if this site is for real or not. If it is, someone is messed up. I especially love the girl giving props to a freind who, "was my third missionary date. I don't love him anymore, but Jesus does."

Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Back to School
Well I started classes again yesterday morning at the wonderful time of 7:45. Add on an hour commute and getting ready and that means I was up at a very ungodly hour indeed. Some of you get up that early every morning and I pity you. I have enjoyed the laissez faire summer mornings and they will be sorely missed.

I think the classes will be very interesting and my profs seem wonderful. What I love about DTS is that at least twice during the first day of class my professors will make a strong point that grades are not the end all of life. They encourage us to make time to love the Lord, our spouses and ourselves (by resting and exercising). This approach to school always does wonders to counteract syllabus shock. Over all, I am looking forward to this semester.

Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Here is a picture from a cave believed to be the place from which John the Baptist did his ministry. Check out the story here.
By Kevin

Monday, August 16, 2004

Life as I know it
So, I have one more week left of my summer vacation. I am actually pretty stoked that I get to go to two baseball games this week. The Fort Worth Cats tonight and the Rangers tomorrow.

Well, I told you that July was going to be a month of pilgrimage for us. I began praying for direction for our family for when we graduate in May. What did I hear? What did God say? Well, right now, silence. I'm ok with that. I mean, sure I would like to know where God wants us, but sometimes God doesn't give us clear answers on oour terms. I am confident that God will make known to us where he wants us to be, whether that here or somewhere else. My commitment is to keep praying until God tells us (like the parable of the persistent widow) and to live in the present. I want to continue to be creative and passionate about my minstry here. I don't want my students to be shortchanged by my tunnerl vision for graduation. In the meantime, I will still teach with passion and creativity. I will love students like I will be here forever. Most importantly, I will not draw back from relationships.

Monday, August 09, 2004

Turning the Corner
So, here it is. This August marks the beginning of my sixth year of youth ministry. As a middle school pastor I have noticed a few things about the seasons of ministry. One of them involves middle school boys. I've found that when you start working with a group of incoming sixth graders the first year is tough. They don't talk very much and they pay attention even less. The same is true for the beginning of their seventh grade year. Towards the end of their seventh grade year you realy see their personality come out and it's a wonderful to watch. Conversations with seventh graders is still like pulling teeth, but they are much funnier to watch. Then the eight grade year rolls around. By then, you have been with them for three years and they are starting to mature (a little!). Now, they are making me laugh so hard I wet my pants sometimes. I find that working with a group of eighth grade boys is my favorite aspect of ministry. They are hilariously funny and they are starting to explore their faith more.

I look forward to this year! I know God has some great things in store for the students in our group.

Friday, August 06, 2004

The Uke of Love
A few months ago I procured a Ukulele (An Ukulele???). Being a lover of all things Hawaiian I thought it would add to my music playing enjoyment. Once I figured out that the tuning was similar to a guitar I picked up on it quickly. So far I have enjoyed the soothing sounds of the mellow Uke. What I've really come to love is unepected benefit to having this instrument. My wife has for a long time wanted to learn the guitar. Learning has been hard for her due to her smallish hands and less than calloused fingers. The Uke is a great fit for her. The neck is small and the strings are easier to hold down.

Thus, my wife and I have been playing music together, mostly at night before we go to bed. I have enjoyed having another hobby together. I must say she is a fast learner. She can already smoothly transition between most of the major and minor chords.

I find that I love my wife for the harmonies we make, both on and off string instruments. I love you honey!

Tuesday, August 03, 2004

I'm one of the Village People

Last night the wifey and I saw The Village. Shyamalan has a well-deserved reputation for making a quality film with an awesome message. The Village did not disappoint me at all. The movie is visually and thematically stunning. Sure there is the surprise twist that we've all come to expect from M. Night, but that didn't detract me from enjoying the flick.

We often expect greatness from great people (in this case, a director) so that it becomes routine to us. I think this explains some of the mixed reviews this movie has received. We get spoiled with greatness. Lance Armstrong is another example of this. The man has won 6 straight Tour De France's, a feat no one has ever done, but we expect Lance to win. So when he does, no big woop.