Thursday, February 24, 2005

My Favorite Animal

Here is a real-life Liger
Bred for it's skills in magic

Monday, February 21, 2005


Sometimes my soul runs down the dark corridor with failure breathing down my neck. Each turn is cramped and musty. Cobweb accusations brush my cheek. "You'll never make it." "Where is your faith." I flail my arms to break the steel strands before they choke me. Down the hallway I run. Faster. Faster. Looking over my shoulder is me as could be. Loveless, selfish, small, and stagnant. Glimpses of of the barren moonlight flicker in my pupils taunting the darkness within me. Each door is unlocked but I don't have the strength to turn the knob. The stench of dispair singes my nose hair. Then I see a smooth door. As I run I am pummeled by my insecurities. Finally, bruised and trembling, my hand stretches for the smooth door. I open it and outside I find the One who shatters the darkness. He takes me in His arms and gently rocks my nightmares away.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Now it's my turn.

So my wife was sick, now I am sick. The last few days have been spent on the couch trying not to puke my guts out. I am slowly getting better, but it is no fun. Oh well!

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


So, this weekend the wifey and I had a class together. It was another family class. Over all I enjoyed the weekend except that Kara came down with sickness, which she is still battling. I have had the joy of comforting her the last few days. I love serving my wife and helping her when she is sick. It makes me realize how much God cares for me in my "sickness." It is also cool for me to see my wife smile even when I know that she is feeling horrible.

This morning I got up and played a round of disc golf by myself. I really enjoyed the time to be active, but also to reflect on life. Once I get out of school, I think I will make that a regular practice.

The weather has been awesome the last few days. Which has made me anticipate the summer all the more. I am in my office wearing shorts and flip-flops in February, man-o-man, this is the life.

Wednesday, February 09, 2005

Ash Wednesday

This morning I was laying on the couch when my wife reminded me that it was Ash Wednesday, so I decided to get up and head to the local Catholic Church for mass. It was indeed refreshing for my soul. I am reminded about the anticipation of the cross I should have in my life. I have been selfish as of late focusing on my desire for a full time ministry position. This morning I repented of putting my career before my God. For those of you who are curious I am giving up sodas for lent, so keep me accountable for that.

Monday, February 07, 2005

Pastor of Prayer

In my dialogue with some friends, I was struck with how wierd it is that we do not a paid staff person for prayer. If we truly value prayer in the church. Wouldn't it be wise to pay someone to mobilze prayer in the congregation. A pastor of prayer does not pray instead of everyone else. She/he prays FOR others, creates times and places for prayer, mobilizes others to pray. In our congregation of 3,500 or so people we have only 20-25 people at our all church prayer. This seems like we really don't value prayer. Now, I can hear the people who say, "We are all called to pray." To that I say we hire a student ministries pastor even though parents really have the God-given responsibility to raise their children and nuture them spiritually. A youth pastor comes alongside parents to help their ministry. I think a Pastor or Prayer would function in the same way. What are your thoughts? Am I way off base? Why hasn't this happened in the church yet?

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Follow-up to Time article

Here is a transcript from a Larry King interview with some of the evangelicals from the Time article. Let me know your thoughts.

Tuesday, February 01, 2005


So, an important meeting that was supposed to be tonight was postponed until next Tuesday due to inclement weather (a little snow in Texas is inclement weather). So, now I must wait another week. I feel like I am at the doctor's office. My name has been called. I'm sitting in the little room on the raised bench with paper on the seat. I'm wear a backless gown and my pants are down. The nurse has taken my temp and blood pressure. Oh well, at least I'll get to read Highlights. I love that magazine. My favorite is Goofus and Gallant, the two bothers. One is good and the other is a real Neanderthal. Each month it would go like this:

(picture of Goofus with messed up hair and stains on his shirt leaving the toilet seat up)
"Goofus always leaves the toilet seat up when he urinates."

(picture of Gallant dressed neatly urinating with the toilet seat down)
"I don't want to leave a mess for the women in my life."

Just once I would like to see Goofus kick Gallant's butt! Ok, so maybe I AM a little psycho.